Take the hassle out of your hustle.

Plato empowers creative freelancers to do what they love from anywhere in the world. We find the work and manage client engagement so you can plug in, do your thing, and get paid quickly.

A better way to freelance.

We believe creative energy is best channeled through craft, which is why we’re building a community of people who want to do just that. Working with Plato means a simpler way to find work, and a more enjoyable project experience.

We find the work for you.

We work with wide-ranging clients—from innovative startups to well-established powerhouses.

One thing at a time.

Plato works with freelancers on a per project basis, and that’s how we pay, too. No guesswork here!

You do you.

We take non-creative work out of the equation by managing client relationships and deliverables. The only “client” you’ll need to think about is us.

Make that money.

We know what it takes to freelance successfully because we’ve been there. With us, you get paid quickly and on time.

Work from anywhere.

We hire professionals and trust that they’re working—it’s as simple as that. Work wherever, whenever, so long as you communicate and meet deadlines!

Okay, but how does it work?

It’s pretty simple, really.



Check out our open freelance roles and show us what you got! The Plato team will review, and qualified folks will be added to our creative network.

*Please only apply to one role that best fits your experience


Project match

When we have a project that matches your experience, we’ll reach out to check your availability, share some details, and talk budget.


Get to work

Once you’re briefed and ready to go, you’ll collaborate directly with a Creative Director or Copywriting Lead from the Plato team.


Get paid

We pay 50% upfront, and 50% once the agreed upon work is completed. Easy!

Not convinced yet?

We get it! People make a lot of promises. Here’s what our community has to say about their experience.

“Plato’s given us exactly what we wanted as freelancers! No time is wasted since briefs are always so detailed and ready for us to just start working - when and where we want, since we get to choose our working hours and location. There has never been a dull project during our time working together since we get so many different clients, all while working with lovely creatives from Plato. Not to mention always getting paid quickly and on time!”

Nina Grbic
UI/UX DesignerSerbia

“It’s such an absolute pleasure working with Plato and it’s been like that since day one (10 months now and counting). As a freelance designer working for the last decade to find the right balance between consistency of work, flexibility, and project fulfillment I can say with conviction that Plato has been second to none.”

Alex Cohen
Brand DesignerSanta Monica, CA

“I’m super happy that I found Plato. As someone who craves a balance of right-brain/left-brain work, the projects I get to collaborate with Plato on absolutely satisfy that! I get to be creative and educate myself along the way, as all their clients are interesting and have massive impact. If you’re looking for engaging and interesting work, professionalism, and prompt feedback and payments, then don’t think twice!”

Aoibheann Schwartz
CopywriterLondon, England

“Working with Plato was incredibly seamless. They sent a VERY detailed brief and project schedule, so it was easy to plan ahead. Their team was great—friendly, helpful, and offered good, relevant feedback. And payment was easy and instant. Interesting work, no annoying admin or chasing down clients—as a freelancer it was an awesome experience!”

Bailey Seybolt
CopywriterBurlington, Vermont

“Working with Plato has always been exciting thanks to the expertise of its professionals and the wide variety of projects they regularly give me the opportunity to work on. I am very grateful for Plato’s trust and looking forward to continuing our great collaboration.”

Blaise Posmyouck
Webflow ExpertCaen, France

“Cooperating with Plato for a long time and never had any issues with them at all. They have a variety of interesting projects to jump in. All projects are fully briefed so you can start right away without any questions. The one thing I appreciate the most is that you can work from any part of the world and be responsible for your own working schedule. If you choose Plato you are going to work with creative, bright people who are always willing to help.”

Alexey Matyushkin
Product DesignerCracow, Poland